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We have been servicing computers and printers since 1989.  During that time have supported many large companies onsite over the years getting a vast experience with many different types of hardware.  Serviced the very first HP laser printer when it came on the market.  Since that day, been loving working on hardware.  
Taking laptops and printers a part, brings joy.  Crazy right? 
One of our favorite products is HP Printers.  Okay now I bet I lost you.  What HP?  Are you crazy?  Yup!
  • problems with repairs in remote area?
    Not to worry.  Many large computer support companies have come to us to provide such support.  Big National contracts require people in many areas.  We provide the service representing your company professionally so you still have a happy customer.
  • No B.S.  
    Just honesty.
    Honesty is our number one value.  If after talking with our lead technician and your not giggling or smiling.  We will refund your frown.  At the end of the day.  We are professional and personable.  Service calls are stressful with deadlines.   We will do our best to put a smile on your face.
  • we are not the best.
    Well we could tell you all about how good we are and how your going to get the best service every time.  Why tell a lie?  We do, do our best! We are good at what we do. However we are not interested in telling you all the same stories everyone else promises.  That same old marketing stuff.  We do promise an enjoyable experience. A commitment to a solution.  A Smile goes a long way. 
  • “I always know that my customers are being taken care of with Peace Country Solutions.  I never have to worry about losing my customers.  Peace Country Solutions represents my company and they always ensure I am involved with the clients needs.  My clients always request Richard.”
    - Robert 
  • “Your my best technician.  I know your taking care of my clients"
    - hilary
  • “It's always a pleasure to talk with Richard. He always manages to put me in a good mood and I know he a great fit for our clients ”
    - Venessa

The Dream Team

  • Richard 
    lead tech
    28 years in the industry.  He doesn't just fix the hardware. He brings the joy into any environment. 
  • sandra 
    the glue
    An office can't be efficient without all the stuff done in the background.  The unseen glue.
  • shane
    print management
    Specializing in print management systems.  
  • paul
    Somebody has to provide pricing on products.  

About Us

Richard Martyn
Lead Technician
Suite 2012 #3 9899-112 Ave
Grande Prairie, Alberta
(780) 538-0001